• SUNDAYS we are closed

    From 01.11.18 we will not offer any more services on Sundays, except during the months of the High Season March/Apri /May . Velo Sport Mallorca is closed on Sunday all other months of the year . Only reports of damage will be dealt with and repairs will be carried out. The SOS telephone number for the policyholder package - complete will also be available.

  • New pricing

    From 01.11.2018 new rental bike prices will apply. The new rental price is calculated according to season. Depending on the season, a rental bike will be cheaper or more expensive throughout the year. The seasons and the respective prices are shown under the bike descriptions.

  • Insurance (disclaimer)

    From 01.11.18 we will offer 2 types of quasi-insurance

  • Package: BASIC:
    Cover includes: Damage of the rental bike up to a value of € 450. Where the damage is greater than this amount, the difference is charged to the renter of the bicycle. The difference must be made up at the bike collection on the last rental day. Theft or missing bicycle components (computer, pump, etc.) Is not covered. Cost 5 €

  • Package: EXTENDED
    Cover includes: The same cover as the BASIC package detailed above plus an additional repair service "ON THE ROAD" between 10am and 6pm. We guarantee a maximum waiting time of 1 ½ hours until help arrives after contacting us on the SOS number. Bike collection from the scene of an accident or a police station is also included as is free cancellation of a bike reservation up to 1 day before arrival.
    Cost 15 €

  • If you do not book either of the two types of insurance, you are completely responsible for the rental bike after the bike has been handed over to you.