Corona - season 2020 goodbye - but we will still be here for you in the future

"The value of self-employment can only be recognized in the crisis".

As many of you will already know the Corona virus pandemic has meant we have had to cancel all rental bikes for the foreseeable future.
Everyone is aware of the difficult economic situation that bike rental companies in Mallorca are facing due to the total loss of the 2020 season.
In spite of the circumstances we have received so many positive wishes and lots of support from you all regarding the future of Velo Sport.
Many thanks to you all for your best wishes, we really appreciate your support and hope we can all come through this crisis safely and full of health.

Thank you! Here is a small series of quotes:

„Hi Hannes,
We are all very concerned about all our friends in Mallorca. We are very worried about how many businesses will survive both in Mallorca that our friends work in and at home. obviously it is unlikely we will be out in April now, but will be back as soon as practicably possible. For that reason do you want me to transfer all or some of the monies owed to you for the bike hire in order to aid your business and cash flow to help you through this difficult time? We are very aware of how the Thomas Cook collapse affected your business in October and want to help anyway we can.”

Sharon, Phil and Andrew
Stay safe

“Hello Hannes
Due to the Corona situation, I have to cancel this reservation. I am very sorry, but it is not possible for us to leave Norway or enter Spain. Hopefully, we can visit Mallorca in the autumn and then rent from you again. All the best and take care.”

“…Bleiben sie optimistisch und gesund. Wenn immer möglich und es die allgemeine Lage wieder erlaubt werde ich gerne Ihre Radvermietung berücksichtigen.“
Freundliche Grüsse
Marco Temporal

“…..Ich wünsche Dir in der für uns alle seltsamen und wirtschaftlich schweren Zeit alles erdenklich Gute, und hoffe, dass ich nächstes Jahr wieder ein Rad bei Dir mieten darf und kann.“
Ganz liebe Grüße

“. ….Gib mir bitte Bescheid ob ich dir einen Ausfall zahlen kann und wohin ich diesen überweisen soll. Ich hoffe das ich wenn nicht dieses spätestens im kommenden Jahr wieder nach Malle kommen kann. Bleibt alle gesund und hoffentlich von einer Insolvenz verschont.“
VG Gerd Blissenbach

„Mein lieber Hannes,
es tut mir sehr leid, aber ich muss meine Radbuchung (siehe Anlage) vom 18.4.2020 – 24.4.2020 leider stornieren.Die Gründe für eine Stornierung sind derzeit das wir keine Flüge – kein Hotel bekommen aufgrund des Corona Virus.
Ich hoffe wir sehen uns im Jahr 2021 wieder.
Bitte bestätige mir doch kurz den Erhalt meiner Mail sowie die kostenlose Stornierung.

Liebe Grüße Ingo Kaufmann

„Für dich und deine Leute muss die Situation katastrophal sein. Hoffentlich übersteht ihr die schwierigen Zeiten gut.
Liebe Grüße und gesund bleiben“

„Deine Internetseite sieht Stornogebühren vor. Auf der Buchungsbestätigung finde ich aber keine Bankverbindung.
Sende mir bitte diese und sage, was ich Dir schuldig bin. Vielleicht bekommen wir das nächste Mal ein kleinen Bonus.
Bleib gesund. Lass Dich von diesem Scheiß nicht unterkriegen. Wir kommen ganz sicher wieder auf die Insel und wir mieten auch weiterhin bei Dir "unsere" Räder.“

And again: Thank´s fort he positive energy we got from all of you!


Johannes Schernikau

    SUNDAYS we are closed

      From 01.11.18 we will not offer any more services on Sundays, except during the months of the High Season March/Apri /May . Velo Sport Mallorca is closed on Sunday all other months of the year . Only reports of damage will be dealt with and repairs will be carried out. The SOS telephone number for the policyholder package - complete will also be available.

    New pricing

      From 01.11.2019 new rental bike prices will apply. We have decided to make it much easier for you to calculate your rental price. There is only 1 price per day for each type of bike which is valid for 365 days a year.

      This price is based on a 4 days minimum rental period per bike. If you rent for only 3 days you add 5 € per day to this price, if you only rent 2 days you add 10 € per day to this price and if you rent only 1 day you add 15 € to this price.

      For example, a bike type D would cost 22 € / day if you rent for a min. 4 days. If you rent it for only 3 days it would cost 27 € / day, if you rent it for only 2 days it would cost 32 €/ day, and for a rental of just 1 day it would cost 37 €.

      These prices are valid 365 days of the year

    New Bike Typ

      From March 2020 we will rent out Electronic Road Racer Bikes. We will offer the Orbea Gain D20.
      The Orbea Gain D20 discis one of the most respected E-road bikes developed in recent years which has won many awards and has been awarded excellent reviews. We opted for this E-bike, because it is possible to cycle without motor support thanks to the low weight of about 11.5 kg, just like a normal road bike. The 250-watt battery allows for a range of 40-80 km if motor assistance is required relatively often. If the motor is switched off and used infrequently e.g. only on inclines or in headwinds etc., ranges of more than 100 km can easily be realised. The battery is permanently installed in the down tube and the motor sits in the rear hub. The Orbea Gain D 20 disc is equipped with the manual Shimano Ultegra groupset and disc brakes. In 2020 we will offer a small number of these bikes for rent. Sizes S / M / L Price € 24 / day for a minimum of 4 days rental.

    Insurance (disclaimer)

      From 01.11.18 we will offer 2 types of quasi-insurance

      Package: BASIC:
      Cover includes: Damage of the rental bike up to a value of € 450. Where the damage is greater than this amount, the difference is charged to the renter of the bicycle. The difference must be made up at the bike collection on the last rental day. Theft or missing bicycle components (computer, pump, etc.) Is not covered. Cost 5 €

      Package: EXTENDED
      Cover includes: The same cover as the BASIC package detailed above plus an additional repair service "ON THE ROAD" between 10am and 6pm. We guarantee a maximum waiting time of 1 ½ hours until help arrives after contacting us on the SOS number. Bike collection from the scene of an accident or a police station is also included as is free cancellation of a bike reservation up to 1 day before arrival.
      Cost 15 €

      If you do not book either of the two types of insurance, you are completely responsible for the rental bike after the bike has been handed over to you.